Monday, October 24, 2005

Basic Milestones

Individuals who are part of this drive have engaged in various efforts, and bring to the team the following milestones as a result of working individually and collectively on quake relief efforts. These include:

Tent Deliveries

-18 Single ply canvas tents from Relief Shelter Drive funds. Delivered Friday Oct 21, 2005
-3 single ply parachute material tents Rs. 2,700 each from private funds. Delivered Thursday Oct 20, 2005
-30 double ply fully winterized tents, Rs. 9,700 each. Ordered Sunday Oct 23, 2005
-150 single ply resin coated denim/canvas, essentially donated at Rs. 550 each. Ordered Mon. Oct 24, 2005
-15 flex tents (donation given to IGS for tents to Elahi)

Flex Tents

- Pakistan group among pioneers of utilizing old and new flex (billboard skins) to produce tents (see picture below)
- Group solicits, facilitates and expedites the whole process of collecting flex and sending it to tent seamers
- Developed a network of flex tent seamers between Karachi and Lahore
- Estimated 1,500 tents provided free via this method, mainly to individuals from distant villages

Mobilizing Medical Teams

- Connected doctors and medical students with organizations forming mobile hospitals and medical camps
-Gathering on-site information of what is lacking from on-site contacts in various relief areas and disseminating this information
-Providing teams with and distributing supplies such as generators, medical and surgical supplies through various linkages
-Donation collection and grants
-Facilitating the collection and mobilization of donations from US, Saudi Arabia, UK , Pakistan, -Germany and other countries
-Donations already mobilized and tents supplied mostly to individuals going back to villages as well as Omar Asghar Foundation, Pak Shaheen Group, PAF and other medical teams
-Collected and donated cartons of toys, food, blankets etc. to SOS TV1 Children's Sanctuary near Balakot
-Purchased and donated sanitary napkins for women victims sent via women doctors

Developed and disseminated tent manufacturers database

-Created much needed database of who can deliver exactly what type of tents, when, where and for how much

Working with/Donating to:

-Education Health Development (EHD)
-Omer Asghar Foundation
-Pak Shaheen Group
-Flex Tent Seamers:(Horizon Graphics, Image Graphic Solutions, RoadTrip
-Relief efforts at PAF museum
-Sungi Foundation/ Joint Action Committee
-Khidmat Foundation
-Surgical Unit 3, Civil Hospital

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