Thursday, November 03, 2005

Alternative Forms of Shelter: Boris

The RSD team is constantly looking for alternative shelter as tents are temporary shelter that may last only through the winter. An option the team is looking into is that of an igloo shape made by Bori Sacs.

Bori Sacs are either made of polypropylene, jute or cotton. They are filled with sand and hay to be used as building blocks. The loosely filled bags are basically stacked up like bricks, igloo style. The sharply rounded roof also makes water skid off of it. The weight of the bags atop each other makes the shelter almost air proof (hence wind and weather proof, and thereby insulates as well).

Takes 160 20 x 30 sacks to make one Bori Igloo; one igloo costs around Rs. 2500

Current Plans and requirements:

is this the same or simliar to:
Yes it is the same as Cal Earth.
-Abdulrahman Rafiq
PakSEF Quake Relief Listserv
not good
Tent Suppliers
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